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Obecný úrad Oščadnica
Nám. M. Bernáta č. 745
023 01 Oščadnica

Tel.: +421 417 079 460

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Obec Oščadnica

Oščadnica welcomes you!



Oščadnica (Osh-chad-nee-sa) is one of the most important centers of summer and winter tourism in Slovakia. It forms a picturesque territory with characteristic features of the Wallachian and Copernican settlements. Chotars, bracelets, snitches or plesa have preserved their unrepeatable charm to this day. From the past, there were a lot of objects of the original folk architecture, and the proverbial hospitality of the inhabitants living below the Veľká Rač (1236 m above sea level) - the highest peak of the Kysuc region. In summer, here you will find a wide range of options for active relaxation and relaxation. Well-marked forest paths and walkways suitable for hiking and cycling make it possible to choose both light and more challenging routes. Potters with pure nature, in which the mushrooms, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, deep forests with a lot of wildlife, mountain bush and wells, singing birds over blossoming meadows ... blue and peace as if they were guided to return to themselves himself. One of the most interesting places in the village is Kalvária with a stone church, tending to over the center of the village, which is visited annually in August by hundreds of pilgrims.

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